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What is Flower Shop Network?
What is Flower Shop Network?

What is Flower Shop Network?

The internet has forever changed the floral industry. To compete and remain profitable, florists must embrace new ways of doing business. Competition is no longer just the other shop or mass marketer down the street, it is hundreds of other floral establishments competing with you online. Online order gatherers have cut deeply into florist margins. Flower Shop Network Australia saw these challenges and took action. We realize that florists need:

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  • A marketing partner who helps them promote their business online, without forcing them to hand over control.
  • Affordable options for sending florist-to-florist orders.
  • A marketing team who works with them, instead of competing against them.
  • A support network that is constantly watching the changing horizon.
  • A fantastic marketing resource to help florists promote themselves to their customers.
  • Affordable e-commerce websites for florists to have a presence online.
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Flower Shop Network Australia was created to provide solutions to these challenges that local florists face each day.

Flower Shop Network is a members-only network of real local florists. FSN provides florists with the tools they need, in exchange for a low, annual membership fee. This allows florists to do what they do best - flowers - without the hassles of outrageous fees or penalties.

Want to know more about what we believe? Click here for more details on how we are helping florists take back control.

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