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Tulip Facts
tulip facts

Terrific Tulip Facts

The weather is warming, and soon the tulips will begin to bloom. These sleeping beauties come in many different shapes and colours. It’s no wonder they are a favourite! While it is too late to plant your own tulips for this year, you may still be able to enjoy them at the many gardens around Australia. Here are a few facts to think about as you admire these great flowers.

  • Tulips require a period of dormancy in the cold, so they must be planted in autumn.
  • There are over 100 species of tulips with thousands of varieties.
  • Tulips became popular in the Netherlands and in the 1600’s Tulipmania took place. The cost of tulips skyrocketed, and soon after crashed, almost overnight.
  • True Rembrandt tulips are no longer commercially available. These tulips had streaks of colour caused by a virus. Now what we call Rembrandt tulips are actually bred from other varieties of tulips to create the same type of colouring.

  • Tulips come in many different shapes including the traditional single cupped, a double bowl shape similar to that of a peony, and goblet-shaped which looks like a lily.

  • Tulips are a member of the lily family.
  • They come in almost all colours, except a true blue.

  • For some regions that do not have a very cold winter, the bulbs must be lifted and stored in the fridge to prepare them for the next planting season.
  • Tulips are edible. There was a famine in the Netherlands during World War II and tulips became an important food source. The most commonly consumed part is the petals.
  • The genus Tulipa loosely translates to turban. This comes from the Turkish and is thought by some to describe the flower’s shape, while others believe it is because tulips were often worn in turbans.

Now that you’ve learned a little about these lovely blooms, head out to your local florist and send tulips to someone special today!

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