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Tips for Sending Sympathy Flowers

Tips for Sending Sympathy Flowers

The feeling of loss after someone passes away can be enormous. Many of us seek a way to console our friends, even when words fail us. Sympathy flowers have the ability to do this in a very special way Some may wonder which flowers are appropriate, or even what colors. Here are a few helpful tips to help navigate a difficult time.

What kind of flowers should I send?

There are several different kinds of flowers that are traditionally used in funeral arrangements. Lilies, roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are all appropriate choices for sympathy flowers. If the deceased had a particular flower they were fond of, sending their favourite flower in an arrangement would also be appropriate.

What colour flowers should I send?

It is a common thought that funerals should be dark and dreary, but sending colourful flowers is acceptable, and may in fact help raise the grieving family's spirits. Red and white are customary colours for funeral flowers. Remember that different coloured flowers have different meanings. If you have a particular message you would like to send with your flowers, discuss this with your florist and they should be able to help you decide. Sending an arrangement of flowers in the deceased's favourite colours is perfectly okay as well.

Where should I send flowers?

Flowers should be sent to the location of the funeral services. This could be a church, the home, or funeral home. It is usually accepted for people to continue to send flowers to the family's home even after the funeral services. This sometimes occurs when someone does not learn of the deceased's passing until after the funeral, or if a person would like to continue offering the family support in their time of mourning.

peace lily

Flowers have a long history of comforting grieving families, and being used as a final farewell to lost loved ones. If you would like to send the family something that will last a little longer, a houseplant, like a Peace Lily, is also a good choice.

For help choosing sympathy flowers, visit you local florist.

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