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Sep 13, 2016 »

In Bloom: Spring Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. From finding the perfect dress to the location, those planning a wedding have their hands full. Spring makes for a great time to get married because the world is coming back to life after winter. Nature often adds a beautiful backdrop as a bonus to couples who decide to marry in the season. Another added bonus is the gorgeous flowers in bloom that are available. Using seasonal flowers helps you lower your costs.

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Celebrate the Special Dad in Your Life! Aug 30, 2016 »

Fathers are very special people in most of our lives. They are not always related by blood, but have a significant impact nonetheless. Father's Day is a special day to reach out to the men in your life who have helped shape you into the person you have become. Show them how much you appreciate them with a different kind of present. (Yes, we're talking about flowers!)

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Terrific Tulip Facts Aug 23, 2016 »

The weather is warming, and soon the tulips will begin to bloom. These sleeping beauties come in many different shapes and colours. It’s no wonder they are a favourite! While it is too late to plant your own tulips for this year, you may still be able to enjoy them at the many gardens around Australia. Here are a few facts to think about as you admire these great flowers.

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10 Spring Flower Festivals You Need to Attend Aug 16, 2016 »

Beautiful blooms, warmer temperatures, and new adventures! Spring brings each of these. Spring also means the start of Australia's spring flower festivals. These festivals give everyone a chance to get out and explore nature and the flowers that are waking from their winter sleep.

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Florists' Tools of the Trade Jul 21, 2016 »

Have you wondered how your florist designs the perfect arrangement? They bring us roses without thorns and bridal bouquets of magnificent proportion. This is all thanks in part to a special set of tools that allows the florist to create these masterpieces.

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5 Bouquets to Keep You Warm this Winter Jul 07, 2016 »

With winter really setting in, we wanted to share with you 5 beautiful arrangements that will keep your home feeling warm and inviting.

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What is Flower Shop Network? Jun 30, 2016 »

The internet has forever changed the floral industry. To compete and remain profitable, florists must embrace new ways of doing business. Competition is no longer just the other shop or mass marketer down the street, it is hundreds of other floral establishments competing with you online. Online order gatherers have cut deeply into florist margins. Flower Shop Network Australia saw these challenges and took action. We realize that florists need:

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Local Florists Do it Better Jun 27, 2016 »

Shopping locally is a growing movement. The movement includes everything from shopping at local businesses to eating locally grown produce. As a consumer, we must consider why we would rather invest our time and money into a local business than a large corporation.

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