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Summer Wedding Floral Forecast
Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Floral Forecast

As spring comes to a close, we get to look forward to the beauty it leaves behind, as well as the beauty that comes with summer. Some of the most beautiful flowers for weddings exist in the summer months. Here is our Wedding Floral Forecast for this summer!



Dahilas are a gorgeous flower that come in many different shapes and shades of colours. They make a beautiful addition to garden bouquets, and can also be the star of the show. They mean dignity, elegance, and good taste (and for good reason!).

Photo Courtesy: Flower Gallery


A flower that means heavenly, Delphinium is one of the only true-blue flowers found in nature. This makes is easy to add a little something blue to your wedding day, even though they do come in other colours. Delphinium is usually used as an accent flower, but they also look nice on their own.

Photo Courtesy: Serving Hands Weddings


There's no way you can have a wedding floral forecast without roses! These are the classic floral symbol of love, and also so diverse. From David Austin garden roses to miniature spray roses, a bouquet filled with roses is never a disappointment.

Photo Courtesy: Shadeland Flower Shop

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies, also called Arum Lilies, are uniquely shaped flowers that work well as accent or feature flowers in a bouquet. They come in a variety of colours including white, red, orange, and purple as well as others. It's no wonder these flowers mean beauty.

Photo Couresy: Ann's Petals


Hydrangeas are delicate blossoms that have continued to be a staple in the wedding world. With so many different colours, it is easy to fit hydrangeas into almost any wedding bouquet. They are also lovely flowers to be used in other areas of the wedding, such as centrepieces and flower walls.

Photo Courtesy: Shadeland Flower Shop


Last, but not least, the ever popular, yet elusive, peony. These dainty flowers only blossom for a short season. They are very popular with brides, and for a good reason. They are exquisitely gorgeous!

Photo Courtesy: Flower Gallery

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