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Spring Wedding Flowers
spring wedding flowers

In Bloom: Spring Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. From finding the perfect dress to the location, those planning a wedding have their hands full. Spring makes for a great time to get married because the world is coming back to life after winter. Nature often adds a beautiful backdrop as a bonus to couples who decide to marry in the season. Another added bonus is the gorgeous flowers in bloom that are available. Using seasonal flowers helps you lower your costs.


While roses can be found year round, they are at their peak season in the spring and summer. This classic bloom can be found in many different varieties. The David Austin rose (featured below) is one of the most popular spring wedding flowers.

Photo Credit: Flowers of Worth Avenue


Tulips are a fun flower available in almost any colour. They may not be the most commonly asked for flower in a bridal bouquet, but they are one that brides should consider more often.

Photo Credit: Meredith Perdue

Ranunculus and Anemones

These spring blooms come from the same genus (Ranunculaceae) and can be used to create stunning wedding bouquets. Both come in many colours, and are at their peak in the spring. Just look at these bouquets, and you can see why these are some of the most popular spring wedding flowers!

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise


Native flowers have a wild beauty with many of these flowers being indigenous to Australia. A single protea or waratah added to a bouquet can look impressive, but an entire bouquet of these flowers is extraordinary!

Photo Credit: Swallows Nest Farm


From pure white to bright, vibrant shades of pinks and oranges, lilies make an impressive showing in any bridal bouquet. They bloom in late spring and early summer, but can be found year round.

Photo Credit: Floral Expressions


Orchids are yet another flower that make an unique addition to bridal bouquets. They are beautiful flowers with several species being native to Australia. Use them as accent flowers, or create a cascading bouquet to really show off these gorgeous blooms!

Photo Credit: Floral Expressions

Springtime is a wonderful time for a wedding. The selection of flowers that are available is larger, and many times spring is the only time many flowers can be readily found. These are just a few of our favourites. Make sure to meet with your local florist to know for sure what will be available at the time of your wedding!

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