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October Reasons To Send
reasons to send

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in October

Do you like sending flowers? Or do you always need a reason? Don't worry, in both cases, we've got you covered! There are some great reasons to send flowers this October. What are you waiting for? Head to you local florist and order some fresh flowers today!

World Teachers' Day- 28 October

Teachers are donned with the task of educating our children. This can be an incredibly stressful job, and we often forget that our child's teacher is there when we aren't. Show your appreciation on World Teachers' Day by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers! This year World Teachers' Day will take place on 28th October.


Grandparents Day- 30 October

Grandparents Day will be celebrated on Sunday 30 October. Grandparents Day is a day to recognise the importance of grandparents to families and communities. Sending flowers is a great way to show your grandparents some love on this very special day.

World Mental Health Day- 10 October

Did you konw that flowers have been proven to boost one's mood? World Mental Health Day is 10 October. Take some time this day to send some flowers to someone you love that may be struggling with a mental illness, or who you've noticed is feeling down lately. You could also send flowers to a care facility to be enjoyed by the residents.



Sending flowers for an anniversary may seem cliche, but it is a tradition for a reason! Being surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a thoughtful card on your special day makes you feel so wonderful. Send a bouquet of Natives if you are tired of sending the same red roses each year!

Just Because

Sometimes the best reason to send flowers is no reason at all. Send flowers to your neighbour or yourself. Just because is the best reason to send flowers, becuase it lets them know you were thinking about them!

Sending flowers is fun and such a great surprise for the people you care about. Call your local florist and order today!

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