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Local Florists Do It Better
Local flower shop owners with flowers

Local Florists Do it Better

Shopping locally is a growing movement. The movement includes everything from shopping at local businesses to eating locally grown produce. As a consumer, we must consider why we would rather invest our time and money into a local business than a large corporation.


What matters most to us as consumers? Ian Golding, a leading certified customer experience specialist, conducted a survey to reveal just that. Of those surveyed, 48 percent cited value for money, cost, price or competitiveness as one of their three most important things. It also showed that 47 percent believed customer service was one of the top three most important things.

What does this have to do with local florists, you ask? Real local florists are able to fulfill both of the things that matter most to consumers, unlike online relay services and order gatherers. Online relay services allow customers to go online and choose a generic arrangement from a list of photos. These orders are then sent to a local florist. The issue with these services is they take a large percentage of the order price for themselves and leave very little for the florist. This makes it extremely difficult for the florist to make a profit, which is needed to continue running their business. Order gatherers are third party companies that set up websites to mimic real flower shops. Using search engine keywords, they make themselves appear local. They then take orders, and send them to local florists, after taking a large portion of the order price (sometimes up to 50%), which often contain hidden fees to the customer. Again, the local florist is at a loss.


When you shop directly with your local florist, you will know that you are receiving a high quality arrangement, and supporting a local business. A local florist can provide you with things that the online relay services and order gatherers cannot such as:

  • Full value for money
  • Custom designs
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Personal connections
  • On-time delivery
  • A wealth of knowledge of local customs and flowers

Many customers do not realize the price florists pay when they use an online relay service or order gatherer. At Flower Shop Network Australia, we encourage you to always buy from a local florist. We are a network devoted to connecting customers directly to real local florists, and make sure the local florist always receives 100% of the order price. We never take a percentage of any order. We are an ally for local florists, and ensure every florist in our network is a true, local business.

Help us put the power back into the hands of local florists, and tell everyone why local florists do it better!

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