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Hydrangea Flower Spotlight

Hello Hydrangeas!

A beautiful blossoming shrub, the hydrangea has become known for its clusters of colourful flowers. The hydrangea comes in many different varieties, shapes, and sizes with the Hortensia variety being the most commonly found in bouquets and arrangements.

Origin & Symbolism

The hydrangea is native to the Americas and Asia, with most varieties being found natively in Asia. However, these hardy flowering shrubs can be found growing in other parts of the world as well.

The name hydrangea originates from the Greek 'hydor' which means water and 'angeion' which means vessel. This is due to the shape of the flowers' seed caps. Hydrangeas also require large amounts of water.

The flower has varied meaning, and generally stands for heartfelt emotions. In the past, it has held a negative connotation of heartlessness and frigidity, but also means thank you for understanding.

To Consider

Hydrangeas are available in many different colours, from red to blue and white. White hydrangeas will only bloom in white, while other varieties can be made to change colours between pinks and blues depending on the acidity and alkalinity of the soil.


Hydrangeas are a summer blooming flower with certain varieties blooming throughout the year. They are now grown all over the world, so these blooms can generally be found at your local florist year round.

Call your local florist to order an arrangement of gorgeous hydrangeas today!

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