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Flower Spotlight: Protea
Protea Flower Facts

Flower Spotlight: Protea

Take a trip back in time to learn about the history and origins of the protea. This flower is rich in meaning and can only be found in certain parts of the world.

Origins and Symbolism

The protea flower is native to the southern hemisphere, particularly South Africa and Australia. This mysterious and beautiful flower was named by Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy.

He named the flower after Proteus, a Greek god who could change his form and apperance at will. The name is appropriate because of the wide variety of protea forms.

Pink Protea Bouquet

Deep meaning surrounds this exotic flower. Diversity, daring, transformation and courage are words that protea symbolize. Many people give proteas to people who are embarking on a new chapter in their life, going through a difficult situation, or are standing up for what they believe in.

To Consider

"One of the most interesting facts about the protea flower is the fact that the flower is actually a group of individual flowers that are united on a receptacle or rounded base. What looks like petals of the flower are modified leaves, which are called bracts. If one looks inside these floral bracts you'll see a group of long narrow flowers joined together in a center.

Each protea flower is made up of petals in four segments. Three of them are fused together to form a sheath. When the flower opens the fourth segment exposes the style. The anthers are located in a slight depression near the tip of the petal segments. The inner series of flowers are usually creamy white or pink and they are shaped oblong to linear depending on the species." - Names of Flowers

Bright orange protea in a stunning bouquet


The King Protea is the largest of all proteas and South Africa's national flower. The medical uses for Protea range from a cough syrup ingredient to clearing up chest disorders and diarrhea.

These bold flowers are the top choice for people looking to make a dramatic statement. When the flowers are cut they can last up to two to three weeks. Their exotic appearance spurs curiosity and makes this flower a unique gift. Many brides are choosing to add the beautiful bloom into their wedding decor.

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