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Florists' Tools of the Trade

Florists' Tools of the Trade

Have you wondered how your florist designs the perfect arrangement? They bring us roses without thorns and bridal bouquets of magnificent proportion. This is all thanks in part to a special set of tools that allows the florist to create these masterpieces.


Flower stems are delicate, yet hardy. If you try to cut them without the right tools, you end up with a horrible mess. Florists use a specific set of cutting tools to cut different types of materials. They use snips for cutting flower stems, along with florist' knives, and ribbon scissors specifically for cutting ribbons and paper. Snips can also be used to cut wires, but a good pair of wire cutters are preferred. This keeps the blades of the snips sharper, longer. Secateurs are larger cutters used for cutting thicker stems or many stems at once.


Florist also use assorted wires and tape to hold arrangements in place. Wire can also be used as accent pieces for an arrangement, or wrapped in tape so it will blend in with the flowers. Floral foam is used when an arrangement needs to last a little longer. Several stems of flowers can be taped together to make a fuller look.


The tools mentioned in this article are just a few of the many that florists need to make their amazing arrangements. Arranging flowers is hard work, and takes ample time and a keen eye. Remember this the next time you receive flowers, and know that dedication and a love of flowers was placed into making that beautiful bouquet!

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