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Calla Lily Spotlight
calla lily

Flower Spotlight: Calla Lily

The calla lily is a unique flower that is used for many types of arrangements and occasions. They are most commonly found in white, but come in other colours, each with its own special meaning. Learn more about this beautiful flower, also known as the arum lily, trumpet lily, and many other names!

Origin and Symbolism

The calla lily is native to Africa, but has spread to every continent except Antarctica. The name calla is a form of the Greek word for beauty, and while it is called a lily, the calla is actually not a lily at all.

Colour Meanings

White- Purity and Innocence
Pink- Love and Romance
Red- Admiration and Passionate Love
Purple- Dignity, Tradition, and Success
Lavender- Feminine Beauty
Yellow- Friendship
Orange- Confidence, Satisfaction, and Passion for Life

Fun Facts

In South Africa, the calla lily is so abundant that they are considered common roadside plants.

They are sometimes called "Pig's Ears."

The coloured varieties are acutually referred to as mini callas.

They are a favourite flower for weddings as well as funerals. They make a beautiful bouquet alone, or are great accent flowers when added to an arrangement.

To Consider

While some tribes in Africa have been known to boil the root bulbs of calla lilies to eat, they are toxic if eaten raw. The flowers are also toxic if eaten, so be cautious if you have pets.

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