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5 Ways to Make Grandparents Day Special
5 Ways to Make Grandparents Day Special

5 Ways to Make Grandparents Day Special

Grandparents Day is right around the corner! Use these five tips to make the holiday extra special and filled with love.

1) Surprise Them With Flowers From the Heart

Being away from family is hard, especially during the holidays. Taking an extended trip across the country to visit isn't always possible, but sending your love is!

Flowers are always one of the most popular gifts during the holidays. Beautiful blooms have a way of expressing our feelings when we are at a loss for words. Choose an arrangement that you think will bring a smile to their face! They will feel so loved knowing that you took the time to do something special.

2) Cook a Secret Recipe Together

Who doesn't love a home cooked meal? Spend some time in the kitchen bonding over a secret family recipe or cooking grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies.

3) Reminisce on Favourite Memories

Tight hugs, big smiles and warm laughter always follow a day spent with grandparents. Share the moments with your grandparents that stand out in your mind. What memories will you always cherish? Sharing these moments together will show how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

4) Write a Touching Card Message

Express your gratitude for your grandparents by including a simple card message with your flowers. Your message can be short and sweet or long and eloquent. Taking a few extra minutes to write down how you feel can go a long way!

Click here to find Grandparents Day card message examples.

5) Make a Tradition

A tradition is the transmission of customers or beliefs from generation to generation. Many families feel closer to each other when they share a tradition together. Think about the values that your grandparents hold dear. Start a family tradition on Grandparents Day that honors their beliefs. You could visit a local pumpkin patch, plan a volunteer project or attend a religious ceremony together. Whatever you choose, make it special and significant to your family.

Have fun this Grandparents day!

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