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5 Reasons to Send Flowers in September
September Reasons to Send Flowers

5 Reasons To Send Flowers in September

Everyone wants to know that they are special and loved. In the good times and the bad, flowers have a magical way of lifting spirits and bringing smiles to faces. You could make someone's day by simply sending a flower arrangement. Here are five opportunities you have to send flowers this month. Ordering a fresh flower arrangement only takes five minutes, and it could totally transform someone's week!

1. Father's Day - 4 September

Father's Day is your chance to show your old man or father figure how thankful you are for the wisdom and guidance he has provided you with throughout the years. Father's are caring, loving and serve as a great support system. Think of all the extraordinary things your father has done for you. His acts of kindness should be recognized with a meaningful gift! Talk to your local florist about the options they have for Father's Day. Maybe he would enjoy a big basket of chocolates or an air-freshening plant for his office. He will be blown away by your thoughtful gift!

2. To Show Someone You Care

In the rush of life we often forget the struggles that our friends, coworkers or family members are going through. Take a second to slow down and think about the people around you that are hurting. Maybe someone you know recently lost a job or experienced a death in the family. Maybe your friend is goign through a tough break up. Whatever the case is, you have a chance to make them smile even during a tough time. Flowers are a great way to show your love when words are sometimes not enough.

3. World Gratitude Day - 21 September

Did you know that World Gratitude Day is this month? What an awesome chance for you to thank someone! Think of someone in your life that has always been there for you. On 21 September, show them your appreciation with beautiful blooms!

4. To Be Romantic

Do you have a special someone that you are trying to impress? Win their heart with a lovely arrangement from your local florist. Choose a tall arrangement with ravishing red roses or a smaller bouquet with bright pink gerbera daisies. Your special someone will be blown away by your thoughtfulness!

5. To Apologize

The start of a new month brings new possibilities. This month, consider mending any broken relationships that you have. If you have wronged someone and need to ask for forgiveness, flowers can be a great mediator. Include a card message with your flowers that simply reads, "I'm sorry, please forgive me." This type of grand apology can't easily be ignored.

Do you have other reasons you are sending flowers this month? We would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below!

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