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3 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Florals
christmas florals

3 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Florals

Christmas is just around the corner. Now is the time to begin your decorating. Flowers and other florals make great additions to any holiday decor. Why not check out these three ways to add some additional holiday cheer to your home?


Christmas wreaths made of evergreen branches are the most commonly seen decor for the holiday season. These make great decorations because they tend to last a little longer than traditional flowers. One advantage to having Christmas during the summer months is changing up the typical holiday decor with more seasonal foliage. Ask your florist about creating a wreath from native plants to decorate your door this Christmas!

Table Garland

Photo Credit: Rachel Solomon

Create a beautiful tablescape for the holiday season with a natural table garland. Eucalyptus branches make a gorgeous garland, and you can have additional flowers, berries, or candles incorporated for pops of colour.

Photo Credit: Rachel Solomon


Gorgeous Poinsettias, a rustic wooden planter filled with roses, or a festive piece filled with red and white flowers and candles, any of these is a great option to bring your table some Christmas cheer. A simple flower arrangement can go a long way towards brightening any room. Just be mindful of the temperatures, and take care of your arrangements as specified by your florist to maximise the life of your arrangement.

Find your local florist to begin your holiday decorating!

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