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Orchid and Orchid Care Jun 28, 2018 »

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The popularity of orchids has increased tremendously in recent years. Fresh cut stems of spray orchids are being produced by the hundreds of thousands in places like Hawaii and Thailand. Orchid plants are regularly featured in the interior layouts of shelter magazines, and more and more flower shops are carrying them on a regular basis.

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Tips for Sending Flowers on Valentine's Day Feb 02, 2017 »

Sending a bunch of flowers is lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special guy or gal. However, there are a few things to remember when you are choosing the perfect blooms.

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Where To Send Sympathy Flowers Jan 06, 2017 »

Sending flowers is the traditional way to show your condolences during a time of grief. However, when dealing with sympathy flowers, many questions tend to arise. Here are some etiquette rules to help you determine where to send sympathy flowers.

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Stop and Smell the Roses Dec 27, 2016 »

Roses are a staple in the floral industry. They are a highly coveted flower on Valentine's Day, and year round. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and for good reason. They come in almost all colours, and many different shapes and sizes. Keep reading to learn more about these beauties!

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3 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Dec 19, 2016 »

Christmas is only five days away! Do you have someone left on your shopping list? There's no need to panic... Whether it's your grandpa, grandma, aunt or brother, your local florist has a large selection of last minute gifts that can be delivered right to their door!

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