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5 Reasons to Send Flowers in December Dec 01, 2016 »

Summer, sun, and Santa, what better reasons to send flowers this month? If those reasons aren't enough, we have a few more that will make you want to run out to your florist today! Check out our 5 reasons to send flowers in December, and spread a little holiday cheer!

5 Reasons to Send Your Love Flowers Nov 22, 2016 »

Flowers play an important role through many relationship milestones. Whether it's saying I love you for the first time, apologizing, celebrating a ten year anniversary or the wedding day, flowers remain the top choice to communicate our deep feelings.

The power of flowers though is not reserved for special occasions.

Many people have learned that flowers can be used to heal wounds, strengthen admiration, improve moods and much more. Here are seven reasons to send your love flowers and…

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in November Nov 01, 2016 »

Flowers are proven to have positive long-term effect on moods. Flowers trigger happy emotions and actually improve mental health. Take a look at these five reasons to send flowers in November. Don't miss out on the chance to make someone smile this month!

October Reasons To Send Oct 04, 2016 »

Do you like sending flowers? Or do you always need a reason? Don't worry, in both cases, we've got you covered! There are some great reasons to send flowers this October. What are you waiting for? Head to you local florist and order some fresh flowers today!

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in September Sep 01, 2016 »

Everyone wants to know that they are special and loved. In the good times and the bad, flowers have a magical way of lifting spirits and bringing smiles to faces. You could make someone's day by simply sending a flower arrangement. Here are five opportunities you have to send flowers this month. Ordering a fresh flower arrangement only takes five minutes, and it could totally transform someone's week!

5 Reasons To Send Flowers in August Aug 01, 2016 »

There are always reasons to celebrate the special people in our lives. This month, don't miss out on your chance to send flowers and show your love! For any special occasion, you don't have to think twice about sending flowers!

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in July Jul 05, 2016 »

Every month brings a new opportunity to send flowers. Share happiness with your loved ones by surprising them with a bouquet of lilies just because, or if a friend is going through a tough time, send a thoughtful sympathy arrangement. Whatever the occasion is you don't have to think twice about sending flowers!

5 Reasons to Send Flowers Just Because Jun 15, 2016 »

We all love receiving flowers, but when is the last time you thought about sending some? A special occasion isn't necessary to give a gift. Here are five great reasons to send flowers just because!